Total Retail Solution

Focused exclusively on the personal care and daily lifestyle categories, we also provide retailers of all sizes with the merchandising expertise needed to maximize sales and reduce costs. Whether you run a chain of large-scale supermarkets or a single family-owned store, our team of distribution and category management specialists can integrate and manage all aspects of your health & nutrition, beauty care, and general household segments. The result is greater profits in these important high margin categories and more time for you to focus on the rest of your business.

Total Retail Solution

PMAI is commited to three core values:

  • Creating innovative retail solutions.
  • Developing opportunities through in depth market analysis.
  • Providing exceptional supply chain management.

Retail Products

Appealing Product Line

PMAI offers a comprehensive range of personal care and healthy lifestyle products representing many of the leading Japanese brands. We now carry more than 3,000 items and utilize sales data analysis and efficient space management techniques to support retailers in optimizing their product selection.

Strong Ties with Manufacturers

Building on our founders’ broad experience in the manufacturing industry, PMAI has direct access to marketing and product research, which gives us a great advantage over our competitors. As a category management specialist, we are able to provide the latest and most popular products from Japan.

Creating Opportunities

PMAI plays a fundamental role in advancing supply chain management. We continually research the latest merchandise and consumer behavior. This information is communicated to Japanese manufacturers and is jointly analyzed to develop innovative new products that respond to consumer needs and create opportunities for client retailers.

PMAI Information System

The PMAI information system was designed to optimize efficiency and to promote integrated business solutions.

Highlights include:

  • Real time information on inventory, receiving, shipping and sales
  • Barcode-verified ordering and warehouse management systems
  • Easy data access for comprehensive sales analysis
  • Retail space management optimization and recommendations
  • Effective and timely promotion planning and recommendations

Synergy with JFC

Retail Stores

In 2007 PMAI became a member of JFC International Inc., a leading distributor of Japanese foods in Asian-American communities as well as the mainstream market.

PMAI benefits greatly from the synergy with JFC Group by utilizing its tremendous resources, including a nationwide marketing strategy and firmly established sales channels. In addition, PMAI also has access to JFC’s marketing and merchandising database, IT system, Quality Assurance methods, and logistic systems.